The Process Manager

The core of CEDAR Cambridge™

The Process Manager for the CEDAR Cambridge™ Audio restoration system

The Process Manager lies at the core of CEDAR Cambridge™ and allows you to invoke a range of tools, setup pages and processing modules. It also reports important information such as the incoming sample rate, the sample resolution and the latency through the entire processing chain, thus allowing you to optimse CEDAR Cambridge™ for most effective use within your studio.

System management

Controlling CEDAR Cambridge™ is easy, thanks to CEDAR's innovative new multi-channel / multi-processor management system. This includes the Channel Selector and Event Manager, as well as all the tools needed to configure the processing and timecode environment to your precise needs.

Processing management

It could not be easier to apply the process(es) of your choice to each of the channels. Simply select from the list that appears when you click "Insert Module" and that process is available across all the selected channels. You can even change the processing order simply by 'dragging and dropping' a module from one position in the signal path to another

Work the way you want

Select the audio source (incoming audio or the hard disk) and invoke the File Processor to process and monitor WAV, BWF, RF64 and AIFF files in real-time, or to process back to disk at much higher speeds.

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