DNS2000 dialogue noise suppressor

The most powerful and effective way on Pro Tools® to clean dialogue for post, dubbing and broadcast

Now discontinued. See CEDAR Studio DNS One with Learn for the current product.

CEDAR's Dynamic Noise Suppression technology has become the standard for removing background noise from dialogue. With near-zero latency, 40-bit processing, and a fast, intuitive user interface, it eliminates traffic noise, aircraft, air conditioning, wind, rain, tape hiss, and general background from recordings and live transmissions. It will help to remove motor noise from small covert recorders and eliminate electrical interference. It will help to compensate for unfavourable acoustic conditions, and poor microphone placement. It will even suppress excessive reverberation.

Seamless integration

The DNS2000 is a fully automated implementation of our DNS technology designed specifically for Pro Tools® users. Connected to its Mac- or Windows- based Pro Tools host using a USB cable, the DNS2000 processor provides the 24-bit I/O for the system and will handle two independent channels simultaneously. Housed in a 1U rack, it offers a huge amount of floating-point power and performs all the audio processing in real-time, thus freeing up the host computer's CPU for other tasks.

DNS Control System (DNS CS)

The DNS2000 Control System (which replaced the original Remote Control Software in February 2010) is an RTAS plug-in that runs on Mac- and PC- based Pro Tools HD and LE, and M-Powered systems. It provides a fast and intuitive user-interface based on CEDAR's DNS1500 dynamic noise suppressor, itself a standard for post, dubbing and audio forensic applications. The software controls all aspects of the DNS2000, and automates its operating parameters. Furthermore, it is capable of driving up to 126 individual DNS2000 (and/or DNS3000) units, thus making it more than adequate for the largest studio and post installations. This makes the DNS2000 ideal for use in all studio environments, and especially in post-production for film, TV and video.

You can download the latest DNS2000 Remote Control Software from here.

Due to the rapid development and release of versions of Pro Tools, host computers and operating systems, it is important that you check the FAQs page (accessed at bottom of this page) to verify the compatibility of the DNS2000 with your proposed Pro Tools host system.


Drawing upon the advanced timecode capabilities provided within Pro Tools, the DNS2000 adds full automation to our existing DNS technology. You can use dynamic automation or snapshot automation to ensure that the amount of noise reduction is always appropriate for the job at hand. These facilities make the DNS2000 particularly suitable for film production, video production and dubbing.

Near-zero latency

The DNS2000 has less than 0.2ms latency, making it perfect for real-time applications. So, in addition to its obvious place in post and dubbing suites, you can use it for studio and remote broadcast, where it will eliminate noise and control excessive reverberation with no loss of lip-sync.

Speed, Flexibility, and Simplicity

With multiple frequency ranges that allow you to tune the processing to the type of noise, full-band processing when needed, and an intuitive user-interface, the DNS2000 is designed for the way you work, offering the best combination of audio quality, flexibility, speed and simplicity.

The background to the DNS2000
Key features and specifications of the DNS2000
Download the DNS2000 brochure in PDF format (108KB)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ENGINEERING NOTICE - 1 September 2015: Withdrawal of service and support for the DNS2000

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