DNS1000 dialogue noise suppressor

DNS1000 dialogue noise suppressor

2000 - 2007
The DNS1000 has been superseded by the DNS 2, DNS 4 and DNS 8D

Developed for audio engineers working in post and dubbing, the DNS1000 was designed to remove background noise from recorded and live dialogue. It remains an essential tool for dubbing, post, noisy studios and outside broadcast.

When released, the speed, flexibility, and ease of use of the DNS1000 provided solutions to dialogue problems that could not previously be solved. Furthermore, its near-zero latency meant that users did not need to slip audio against time-code to retain lip-sync. For location sound recordists (who do not have the luxury of random access to the material) the near-zero latency meant that the DNS1000 was simple to use with video, and removed the need for a video frame store. Furthermore, the combination of low latency and 24-bit fidelity meant that users could leave the DNS1000 permanently in the signal chain without fear of signal degradation. And in the audio forensic laboratory, the DNS1000 could remove motor noise from small covert recorders, eliminate electrical interference, and help to clean up recordings suffering from unfavourable acoustics and poor microphone locations.

In February 2005, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences® honoured CEDAR's Senior Engineers with Academy Awards for the design and implementation of the DNS1000. Already a studio standard for eliminating background noises such as traffic and air conditioning, the CEDAR DNS1000 had also won SSAIRA and PAR Awards.