CEDAR CSS1500 Surveillance System

CEDAR CSS1500 Surveillance System

Now deleted - please see CEDAR SE 1 Speech Enhancer for a much smaller, ligher and more convenient replacement.

Portable audio surveillance solution for law enforcement, security and counter-terrorism forces

Police, security and anti-terrorism forces involved in covert audio surveillance require systems that are rugged, simple to configure, quick to set up, and easy to use. CEDAR's CSS1500 surveillance system satisfies all of these requirements, allowing field operatives to monitor feeds, reduce noise and improve listenability in often difficult conditions. It reduces background noise including traffic, wind and rain, reduces the level of unwanted interference such as air conditioning noise, and reduces reverberation to make audio signals clearer and more listenable.

The CSS1500 is supplied in a rugged flightcase designed and built specifically for the task. Everything is pre-configured, so you need only remove the lid, plug in the power and the audio feed, and it's ready for immediate use.

Uses include:

  • improving signal quality at live listening posts
  • increasing the chance of successful terrorism counter-measures
  • aiding in hostage negotiations
  • making transcription easier and more accurate
  • rescuing interview tapes so that there is no need to re-interview nervous or vulnerable witnesses
  • enhancing interviews and other audio for court room presentation

Based upon CEDAR's acclaimed DNS1500 dialogue noise suppressor, the CSS1500 contains a CEDAR ADA analogue/digital converter, a CEDAR HDA 6-channel digital headphone amplifier, and two pairs of high quality closed-back headphones. With just a single mains lead, everything pre-wired for immediate use, and additional audio outputs for a surveillance recorder, it contains everything necessary to monitor a microphone or probe in real-time, to reduce background noise for improved listenability, and to allow users to attach recorders for future laboratory investigation and court use of the audio.


The CSS-3000 is identical to the CSS-1500 except that a CEDAR DNS3000 lies at its heart. With scene memories and sophisticated timecode facilities, this allows users to create pre-configured setups for specific listening environments and, for sophisticated audio/video installations, its operation can also be synchronised with video surveillance.