CAM6: Declickle 2

What else would you call something that removes all traces of clicks and crackle?

CAM6: Declickle 2

The Problem

CEDAR invented real-time digital declicking and decrackling, demonstrating them to amazed audiences at the 89th AES Convention. However, these earliest digital declickers and decracklers suffered from a limitation; while they removed impulsive noises from the majority of material, they could damage the sounds of brass instruments, solo violins and singing, and all declickers based on the techniques revealed by CEDAR's original research still suffer from it.

The Solution

Declickle 2 embodies new technology, offering better impulsive noise detection and a better interpolator than any previous declicker or decrackler. This results in superior performance across a wider range of material than ever before. Indeed, this performance is so good that, in almost all cases, it is not possible to hear that the signal was damaged prior to restoration.

Why Declickle 2?

Unlike a standard declicker, Declickle 2 is able to detect high densities of low amplitude, short duration disturbances within the signal. However, removing each of these unwanted impulses using a basic interpolator would not be satisfactory because of their fundamental nature. Standard algorithms assume that a click or scratch has totally corrupted the audio and that there is no useful information about the wanted signal during the click. Since the disruptions that cause crackle are very small they may be considered to be additive, and this assumption is no longer appropriate. Declicking a crackly signal discards a lot of useful information that an optimal algorithm can use to improve the quality of the processed audio.

Despite the power of Declickle 2, its user-interface is extremely easy and quick to use, and is suitable for users with limited audio engineering experience.

The Plaudits

CEDAR's DC-1, DCX and DDH declickers are acclaimed throughout the audio industry and our 96kHz software declicker won a SSAIRA Award as the best plug-in of the year.

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