2 Channel Tools

A general toolkit for monitoring and adjusting 2-channel signals within CEDAR Cambridge™

CEDAR Cambridge 2 Channel Tools

The 2 Channel Tools provide a toolkit for monitoring and manipulating stereo signals within CEDAR Cambridge. You can apply the meters and tools to any two channels from the eight provided by the system.

Lissajous and Balance metering

The graphic display provides a Lissajous figure plus a balance meter with a range of 30dB in either direction.


Allows you to specify the gain differential between the two channels.

Auto Balance

Maintains the balance of the channels such that the output signal remains centred.

Output Modes

Normal, Mono sum, Mono difference.

MS Encode and decode

Creates an M-S pair with output channel A carrying the A+B signal, and output channel B carrying the A-B signal. You can invoke two instances of the tools with processing modules lying between them to generate a wide range of M-S effects such as stereo width enhancement.

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