ZDF purchases the CEDAR DNS1000 for the Turin Winter Olympic Games

ZDF Torino logo

21 February 2006

Germany's largest public TV station, ZDF, has ordered several DNS1000s in January and February 2006. The first unit is currently being used to eliminate background noise during live broadcasts at the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

Two further units have been purchased for the live broadcasting of Mainz bleibt Mainz, one of the biggest and most successful German TV shows produced by ZDF, and Wetten Dass...?, now 25 years old and one of the largest TV shows on any European station.

All the units were supplied and are supported by CEDAR's German dealer, Uwe Seyfert.

The background to the DNS1000

The DNS1000 Dialogue Noise Suppressor is a free-standing unit designed for audio post and live broadcast. With virtually zero latency, its 40-bit multi-band processing is ideal for removing unwanted noise from live sound and sporting events, as well as in post for film and TV.

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