WWE relies upon the CEDAR DNS 2, DNS 8 Live and DNS1500 - "How did we cope before? We didn't."

WWE relies upon CEDAR dialogue noise suppressors

31 January 2017

Watch the video: WWE talks about CEDAR dialogue noise suppression

With 10 tour buses, 16 equipment trucks, two new TV trucks and a crew of 120, WWE is one of the largest shows in the world, and has incredibly complex audio requirements. With dozens of audio feeds being split for simultaneous in-house PA and live broadcasting, backstage recording and more, all being mixed in different ways depending upon the destination, problems such as generator noise, crowd noise, and the inevitable buzzes and hums have to be eliminated instantly with complete confidence and no artefacts. In this situation, there's no time to be loading workstations and running plug-ins, and any audio latency would render the feeds useless.

That's why WWE uses CEDAR for all of its noise reduction, using the DNS 2 for live interviews and backstage recording, the DNS 8 Live for live broadcast, and the DNS1500 for live mixing in the auditorium itself.

In fact, they love the products so much that they recorded a video to explain why and how they use all of their CEDAR products in these very different ways. Click on the link to watch it now.

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