CEDAR releases CEDAR Cambridge CD and DVD mastering system

CEDAR Cambridge v1.1

26 June 2003

Following the release of the CEDAR Cambridge Film Restoration System earlier this year, CEDAR has now launched the CEDAR Cambridge Mastering System, which is available with immediate effect. This builds upon the existing system, adding three major new modules to those released within the Film Restoration suite.

Linear Phase EQ

The 64-bit, 96kHz Linear Phase Equalisation System is ideal for general tonal shaping of the signal. It not only sounds superb and is glitch-free when you modify EQs in real-time, but it is fully automated, and the simplified user-interface allows you to create and modify multi-channel EQs with ease. It also includes CEDAR's unique Constant Power Equalisation™, which allows users to change the tonal balance of the signal without altering its loudness.

2 Channel Tools

The 2 Channel Tools provide a toolkit for monitoring and manipulating stereo signals within CEDAR Cambridge. They include a Lissajous figure, balance metering, auto balancing of the stereo signal, mono sum, mono difference, plus M-S encoding and decoding. The M-S facility allows you to generate a wide range of effects within CEDAR Cambridge, such as stereo width enhancement. You can apply the meters and tools to any two channels from the eight provided by the system, thus allowing you to manipulate stereo pairs within a multi-channel signal.

Phase Corrector

The problems caused by timing errors in a stereo or multi-channel signal manifest themselves as loss of high frequencies, muddy bass, poor mono compatibility, and a general smearing of the image. This module corrects these problems, not by masking them, but by eliminating them. It does so by identifying any monophonic component(s) common to a reference channel and the channel(s) being corrected, and then measuring the timing differences between them. If any errors are detected, the system recreates the signals so that they are accurately aligned. It will track any changes in the error, dynamically updating the amount of correction it applies at any given moment. A manual mode allows you to shift a signal by as little as 0.01 samples - an offset of just 0.1 microseconds at 96kHz.

Managing Director, Gordon Reid, says of the new system, "We are very proud of the CEDAR Cambridge Mastering System. By adding the 2 Channel Tools, and the 8-channel Phase Corrector and Gain modules, we have extended CEDAR Cambridge into whole new areas of restoration and audio processing for multi-track remastering, as well as for surround formats such as 5.1 and 7.1. Even more impressive is the Linear Phase EQ, which - quite simply - sounds excellent. Add to this our new Constant Loudness Equalisation™ algorithm, and I believe that we have just released one of the first major advances in EQ technology in many years.

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