CEDAR DNS 8 Live dialogue noise suppressors make "a huge difference" to Strictly Come Dancing

CEDAR DNS 8 Live on Strictly Come Dancing
Sound supervisors Richard Sillitto (left) and Andy Tapley plus a pair of CEDAR DNS 8 Live dialogue noise suppressors.
[Photograph from AVInteractive. All rights recognised.]

11 December 2018

AV Magazine has published an extensive case study to discuss how the slick and seamless audio is achieved when working under pressure on the BBC TV show Strictly Come Dancing.

They explain that the technology on the George Lucas Stage (from where Strictly is broadcast) has evolved considerably since 2013, which is when the show moved to that location. "It was a major undertaking but there was a market need to cater for big Saturday night live entertainment shows with a permanent installation rather than a dry hire venue with an OB truck," says Andy Tapley, sound supervisor at BBC Studioworks. "We shoot Strictly, The Voice, A League of Their Own and many other shows here. The productions love the studio because it's a big space with so much atmosphere."

A pair of CEDAR DNS 8 Live noise suppressors help to suppress the ambient noise in studios where sound is generated by equipment such as fans, air conditioning, moving lights and LED screens. "They reduce that noise without getting in the way of the speech quality," says Tapley. "We run them across the presenters' and judges' mics and they've made a huge difference to the quality of the sound we broadcast."

The DNS 8 Lives were introduced to Strictly by CEDAR Audio's Sales Director, Clive Osborn. He adds, "When you walk onto the George Lucas Stage at Elstree, the first thing you notice is the noise from the numerous fans and the air conditioning. When the judges and presenters are talking, there's no music and the audience is quiet, so the noise becomes very apparent and, without the DNS 8 Lives, I'm sure that it would be unacceptable to everyone concerned - including the viewers."

The units were supplied by Essex-based audio and visual supplier, Terry Tew.

AV Magazine
See: www.avinteractive.com/case-studies/behind-the-magic-10-12-2018

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