CEDAR launches Declick for Soundscape

CEDAR Manual Declick

8 July 1999

CEDAR Audio is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Declick for Soundscape. Designed as a plug-in to run on existing Soundscape editors as well as the new REd system, it was launched earlier today at the PALA'99 Convention in Singapore and demonstrated to dealers and prospective end-users from around the world.

The software has been designed to address the widest possible range of scratch and click removal problems, and combines two radically different declickers in a single, cost-effective package:

  • Auto declick restores most material, removing the vast majority of clicks from any audio signal. It does this automatically, identifying the damage, removing it, and filling the gap with the best possible estimate of the signal that existed before the click occurred.
  • Manual declick has been designed to eliminate the longer clicks and scratches that the Auto declick algorithm is not designed to handle. It does so by allowing the user to identify the audio that constitutes the click, and then applyies a restoration algorithm that is optimised for those longer clicks and scratches.

As with all CEDAR processes, the algorithms in Declick for Soundscape differentiate between the degradation and the genuine signal, allowing transparent restoration of even severely damaged material. Undamaged signal passes without any changes: there's no distortion, no loss of transients, and no loss of ambience.

Gordon Reid, CEDAR's Managing Director, attended PALA'99 and said, "I was away from CEDAR for the weeks leading up to the launch of Declick for Soundscape, so my first sight of the final product was during its launch in Singapore. I was extremely pleased with everything I saw. The user interface is very slick, and the audio results using the combined Auto and Manual options are superb. After the demonstration, I was approached by a customer who was convinced that it had been rigged, and he firmly believed that there were pages and pages of parameters and waveforms that we had pre-set in some fashion. When I confirmed that there are no parameters in Declick for Soundscape, he was astounded."

Declick for Soundscape is immediately available from Soundscape as well as CEDAR's worldwide dealer network.

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