CEDAR Saves The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls

13 March 2001

Neil Davies of DAI Films has produced a programme that documents the history of The Spice Girls. This includes early footage dating back to the formation of the band - auditions, singing, chatting, and interviews with all five original members - but which suffered many audio problems. London-based Production Company, Silverglade, contacted CEDAR's Bureau Service to ask whether the problems could be cured, and our in-house audio engineer, Tony Webster, used CEDAR's real-time Dehiss, Debuzz, and Decrackle processes to remove the unwanted noise.

Doug Robinson at Silverglade commented, "The original Spice Girls material from 1994 was shot on small hand-held cameras, and then suffered from various transfer degradations. By the time it was presented for editing, the audio had suffered to such an extent that my first impression was that it could not be salvaged. If I had not used the CEDAR Bureau Service I wouldn't have been able to use any of it for the programme. I was aware of CEDAR, but I did not realise how good their processes are. I'm so impressed that I'll be purchasing CEDAR equipment for Silverglade in the near future. We also have a very happy client, which is very rewarding."

The Spice Girls documentary is scheduled for broadcast on ITV on 21st March 2001 at 8pm.

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