CEDAR Audio discontinues Series X and Series X+

Series X

21 November 2006

After more than nine years - a phenomenal run by any standards in the digital audio industry - CEDAR Audio has discontinued production and sales of its 1U rackmount Series X and X+ ranges. Launched in September 1997 as a lower-cost alternative to the then flagship Series 2 systems, there were initially three Series X products (the DCX declicker, CRX decrackler and DHX dehisser), and these were joined by two Series X+ units (the BRX+ debuzzer and AZX+ Azimuth Corrector) in March 1999.

The five products carrying the 'X' badge were sold to many hundreds of mastering studios, post production studios, broadcasters, libraries and archives worldwide. They are also widely used in audio forensics, and many found have their way into the living rooms of hi-fi enthusiasts. The largest customer for the range is a satellite broadcaster in the USA who uses 40 units to clean up audio in real-time prior to up-link, thus saving bandwidth and increasing the number of channels that can be broadcast simultaneously.

Gordon Reid, Managing Director of CEDAR Audio Ltd explains, "I am very sad to see the demise of Series X and X+ because they are like old friends to many of us at CEDAR, as well as to our customers. They have given incredible service, proving to be exceptionally reliable over nearly a decade, and they still do the job better than any other audio restoration systems - apart from CEDAR's more recent products, of course. Unfortunately, many of the components in the Series X and X+ are now obsolete and some contravene the RoHS directive introduced in July 2006, so it is no longer practical to build more units."

CEDAR Audio will retain the remaining Series X and Series X+ components to ensure that the company can support and repair existing units for the foreseeable future.

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