Neumann & Müller upgrades to the CEDAR DNS 8 Live for the Semper Opera Ball

CEDAR at the Semper Opera Ball

5 June 2013

With eighteen branches in Germany and four further afield, Neumann & Müller is one of Europe's largest high-end providers of event technology. The company is a long-time user of CEDAR's DNS (dialogue noise suppression) processors, and has now upgraded by adding two DNS 8 Live multi-channel noise suppressors to its equipment list. These have already been used in several complex live-sound situations, including the world renowned Semper Opera Ball, held in Dresden.

CEDAR at the Semper Opera Ball Dominique Liebscher works as a freelance sound engineer for N&M and used the DNS 8 Live at the 2013 Ball. He says, "The difficulty with the Semper Opera Ball is that the entire hall is audience area - the dance floor is on the stage, and there are even additional, movable stage elements that raise the audience behind the stage. Guests can move freely throughout the entire space, and the presenters - who wear headset mics - move freely among the people, making it hard to separate their speech from other loud sounds in the hall. Worse still, the presenters sometimes stand directly in front of the PA speakers, so it can be extremely difficult to achieve an adequate level within the hall without feedback."

"In the past, I often resorted to a 2-channel CEDAR DNS, using one channel for the podium microphone, and the other for the group bus controlling all of the presenters' headset mics. Happily, the DNS 8 Live, which we used for the Ball in 2013, now gives me eight channels simultaneously, and I was able to use this to create a very tight sound with little background room noise. This gave me the opportunity to increase the level of the wanted speech, at the same time improving its intelligibility."

"I had relatively little time to install and fine-tune the complex sound system we used, so I couldn't allocate much time to learning the finer points of the DNS 8 Live. This was where its Learn mode was so important and beneficial. This works intuitively and effectively, and made it possible for me to identify the target noise and achieve the desired quality very quickly, and above all, to hear the results instantly."

"When using previous DNS processors, I used the controls for the individual bands to target the noise in defined frequency ranges. The DNS 8 Live allows this approach too, further extending its uses within the live sound environment, so I'm looking forward to spending time with the Detail mode and seeing how this will work with the forthcoming web browser control interface."

About the DNS 8 Live

The DNS 8 Live dialogue noise suppressor was designed specifically for the live sound and broadcast markets. It offers eight independent channels of noise suppression using a new DNS algorithm with a simplified approach as well as a detailed editing mode that makes it the most flexible DNS ever built. It offers a standard 4-pin 12VDC input, and a web-based remote control interface for laptops, iPads and other devices will be released shortly.

See CEDAR DNS 8 Live.

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