CEDAR to develop DeCrackle for SADiE

SADiE 24/96 workstation

14 February 2000

CEDAR Audio and Studio Audio & Video are pleased to announce the planned addition of DeCrackle for the SADiE 24/96 and Artemis workstations. Combining a complete suite of audio restoration tools with a Digital Audio Workstation provides the user with a very effective method of enhancing audio quality, and an ideal system will be able to cope with all the impulsive disturbances it encounters. This will soon be possible using a combination of the existing DeClick and DeThump for SADiE, plus the new SADiE DeCrackle.

Gordon Reid, Managing Director of CEDAR, commented, "Everything about the CEDAR/SADiE collaborations has been a pleasure and a great success for us. First, we jointly developed DeNoise, squeezing the last ounce of power from the DSPs on the SADiE XS board, and it was a natural progression to develop Declick which is, I believe, the best and most effective workstation-based declicker yet developed. DeThump followed soon after and, with these three already in place, it was inevitable that CEDAR and SADiE should discuss the development of a decrackle process. I'm therefore delighted to confirm that the two companies have agreed to proceed with this, and that Decrackle for SADiE will appear in the near future."

Joe Bull, Managing Director of SADiE, enthused, "When we started our partnership with CEDAR, I had the vision of a complete suite of CEDAR tools married with the SADiE system. It's wonderful to announce that this will soon be a reality. CEDAR is renowned for providing unmatched quality in restoration software and adheres closely to our own beliefs that there can be no compromises when handling audio in the digital domain."


Crackle is frequently confused with clicks and ticks. However, a conventional detector will often find it impossible to detect the damage that leads to crackle, so a dedicated method must be used. CEDAR's DeCrackle algorithm is that method, and it also proves extremely effective at removing many forms of buzz as well as some distortions. Like all other CEDAR plug-ins, this will utilise the full accuracy of the floating-point processing offered by the SADiE systems, ensuring the highest possible sound quality throughout the system.

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