CEDAR Goes 'Round the Horne'

30 April 2001

Ted Kendall, already well known for his CEDAR restorations of the popular radio series The Goon Show and Hancock's Half Hour, has now restored the first series of Round the Horne, ready for release as a CD box set.

Round the Horne is one of the most popular and consistently funny radio series from the 1960s. It starred Kenneth Horne, Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Bill Pertwee, and Betty Marsden. The first series introduced characters such as Julian and Sandy, and comprised sixteen programmes that ran from 7th March to 20th June 1965. When charged with restoring the series to its original standard, Ted Kendall faced quite a challenge because previous issues of the programme had been cut from 30 to 27 minutes. So, for the box set, Kendall sourced off-air recordings from the 1960s, and repaired the cuts so that each show ran for the original length.

Kendall explains, "The quality of the off-air source material varied tremendously, and I had to patch this into the show. Nothing shows up an edit more than a difference in background noise, and to solve this problem I used the NR3 Noise Reduction on CEDAR for Windows. This allowed me to equalise the background noise independently from the signal, and I was able to match both the signal and the background noise across the edits. NR3 is the only process that can do this, and the results were very impressive.Some of the worst inserts also needed treatment using a CEDAR DNS1000, which is a really useful bit of kit when all else fails. "

Ted Kendall is one of CEDAR's longest standing customers, and is the winner of no fewer than three CEDAR Awards.

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