Special Summer Promotions from CEDAR Audio

1 July - 18 September 1998

CEDAR Audio Limited have pleasure in announcing news of two Special Promotions that will be available from the 1st July 1998 to the 18th September 1998. The promotion includes Series X, CEDAR's most cost-effective, mastering-quality real-time audio restoration modules, and CEDAR's flagship CEDAR for Windows system.

All three Series X modules

CEDAR Series X audio restoration modules

Are you tired of loading hard disks and struggling through numerous windows and pull-down menus when all you want to do is get rid of the clicks, the crackle and the hiss...? CEDAR's Series X units are already the world's most cost-effective mastering-quality real-time audio restoration modules. At just £3,495 for the declicker, £3,795 for the decrackler, and £3,995 for the dehisser, they offer a superb combination of power, efficacy, and simplicity. Today, and until 18th September 1998, you can purchase the complete set of Series X modules at a special promotional price. The only condition is that all three units must be purchased together as a set. It's as simple as that!

CEDAR for Windows

CEDAR for Windows Auto Dehiss

Sometimes, an outboard unit is not always the ideal solution. For those users who prefer to denoise their material on their audio workstation, we have introduced an exceptional auto de-hiss package that includes a ProDSP/C Console Board (regular price £3,500) and CEDAR's award-winning Auto Dehiss software (normally priced at £6,000) at a special promotional price. Not only does this give you all the power and flexibility of the DHX dehisser, it also provides a platform to which you can add every other CEDAR for Windows module. You can even add ProDSP/E Expansion Boards to increase your system to a 16-channel platform running up to eight simultaneous stereo restoration processes. Contact your local CEDAR dealer for pricing - there has never been a better time to move up to CEDAR for Windows.

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