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"From academic exercise to pioneering commercial venture, CEDAR Audio's contribution to the quality of audio in almost every area of the media should not be underestimated"

21 November 2006

CEDAR Audio has been profiled in the November/December issues of both Pro Audio Asia and Pro Audio Middle East.

Covering the full history of the company, the article is titled "De-cisive De-velopment", which is a reference to CEDAR's "De-Everything" advertising. It takes readers from the earliest days of academic research to the company's present day activities in the mastering, post, archival and forensic arenas, and concludes that, "CEDAR is an important part of the mainstream in pro-audio worldwide, but it is unlikely ever to become 'just another manufacturer'. By investing heavily in fundamental research and by remaining closely attuned to its customers' needs, it has the tools to continue its history of success and innovation long into the future."

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CEDAR Audio Limited, 20 Home End, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5BS, United Kingdom.
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