Ted Kendall intervenes with CEDAR to rescue Paul Temple

Paul Temple Intervenes

7 November 2005

Ted Kendall, one of the UK's leading restoration engineers, has rescued the oldest surviving episodes of the cult radio detective serial, Paul Temple. The source material, Paul Temple Intervenes is an 8-part serial first broadcast in 1942, which starred Carl Bernard as the eponymous hero.

A rare set of transcription discs had been located in Australia, but with over a thousand clicks per episode on the transfer, the restoration could have proved to be an impossible challenge. However, Ted Kendall is equipped with the latest CEDAR Cambridge system and, using the new CEDAR Declickle 2 process, he was able to turn an impossible task into a possible one. CEDAR Retouch also proved invaluable when dealing with swishes originating on the 78s from which the programme was dubbed. Kendall explains, "The Retouch v3 patch facility proved invaluable in dampening and removing the swishes. BBC Worldwide agreed that CEDAR had removed a hailstorm of noise to reveal a piece of historical entertainment. Declickle and Retouch are marvellous restoration tools and without them it would not have been possible to save this serial."

Paul Temple was a popular fictional British private detective who made his first appearance on BBC Radio in 1938 and who, with his Fleet Street journalist wife Steve, solved case after case over the ensuing thirty-one years. First broadcast on 30th October 1942, Paul Temple Intervenes is the oldest full length drama to remain in the BBC archives and will be released on CD by BBC Worldwide in time for Christmas.

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