Robert Parker chooses CEDAR Retouch for SADiE

Robert Parker

15 December 2003

Robert Parker, world acclaimed for his pioneering work in audiophile quality restoration of historic 78rpm jazz recordings, has upgraded his Devon based studio with a state-of-the-art SADIE Series 5 workstation, making his facility one of the most powerful in Europe for the restoration of audio for CD, film and television. Parker chose SADIE because, "It provides me not only with a versatile, tried and tested platform for digital multi-track assembly and editing, but is also configured with a selection of CEDAR plug-ins of exceptional processing power."

Of particular interest to Parker, whose studio is already equipped with CEDAR DeClick, DeCrackle and DeBuzz rackmount modules, is CEDAR Retouch™ for SADiE. Says Parker, "For someone who has become somewhat blasé about the wonders of CEDAR processing, Retouch is really exciting, and the quality of work I'm able to accomplish with it is truly astounding. To be able to remove extraneous noises from music tracks, for example, without the need for editing, or in anyway interfering with the timescale or pitch of the original, is nothing short of miraculous. Coupled with the CEDAR DeThump program, my new SADIE system is ideal for restoring optical film soundtracks."

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