Overdub Recording Studios and the DNS 2 on set - "for the love of the profession"

Overdub Studios with CEDAR DNS 2

5 August 2016

AUSTRIA: Gregor Rašek of Overdub Recording Studios has years of experience using CEDAR's DNS One dialogue noise suppressor. He was also one of the first sound engineers to test and then purchase a CEDAR DNS 2 for use on set.

"We started by testing the DNS 2 on productions that were already reasonably manageable for the sound mixer", he told us. "We recorded two lavelier mics directly into our Sound Devices 664 on channels 1 and 2 without any noise reduction and, for comparison, the same audio to channels 4 and 5 after processing using the DNS 2. At the time, background noise was being generated in a machine room near the interview location, and there were also unwanted sounds of distant aircraft and heavy trucks, and even birdsong. During recording, it became clear that the DNS 2 was not only able to remove the noise very simply without introducing disturbing artefacts, but that it could also reduce the room tone, making the speech more 'present' when compared with the original, and the recordings much more useful. As with all processors, you don't want to overdo things, but the DNS 2 is definitely worth the money, especially nowadays when so many broadcasts are made without even a proper sound recordist on hand."

He concluded, "With the small, easily handled DNS 2, CEDAR will find its way into smaller broadcast productions. Of course, it won't replace a professional sound recordist in the studio, but it's worthwhile for the love of the profession because, with too little time and too little budget for rerecording or post production, we'll still be able to deliver a better overall product to our customers."

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