DNS One with Learn rescues TV footage at Overdub Studios in Vienna

Georg Rašek

"It's Magic!"

20 May 2015

VIENNA, AUSTRIA: Immediately after the release of CEDAR Studio 7, CEDAR Deutschland sent the latest version of DNS One with Learn to Georg Rašek of Overdub Recording Studios in Vienna. Rašek is a long-time user of DNS One, and his response to the new version was enthusiastic...

"We use CEDAR DNS One as an AAX plug-in within Pro Tools and this allows us to rescue many original recordings for feature films, documentaries and even glossy TV advertising. This is because, in many cases, shooting takes place at locations and in venues where the sound is (to put it politely) rather sub-optimal. Currently, we are working on a set of TV spots for an Austrian network. These were shot in a park next to a traffic junction, so there was noise coming from everywhere. But with CEDAR we were able to make the sound broadcast quality!"

Asked about the Learn capabilities in CEDAR Studio 7, his enthusiasm was obvious. He wrote to Uwe Seyfert at CEDAR Deutschland to say, "Wow, I'm excited!! You are wizards. So much restoration power using so little CPU, and with no latency. It's MAGIC!!"

About Overdub Recording Studios Overdub Studios, Vienna

For more than a decade, Overdub Recording Studios in Vienna has specialised in visual media, voice recording and composing. The studios provide services ranging from location recording to post-production, sound design, speaker casting, ADR and entire mixes in stereo and surround.

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