CEDAR Audio announces incomparable noise reduction for CEDAR Cambridge


5 September 2006

CEDAR Audio is pleased to announce the most powerful and most flexible broadband noise reduction system yet developed; another significant step forward in audio restoration technology. Furthermore, in a move that bucks the trend within the audio industry, this product is ready for immediate shipment.

To make NR-5 as quick to use and intuitive as possible, and to eliminate any learning curve for users of our previous noise reduction flagship, we have retained the style and layout of NR-4™. However, the clear screens and easily mastered controls of NR-5 belie the increased capabilities of the underlying algorithm, which removes more noise than ever before with even fewer side-effects or artefacts.

Building upon the latest noise reduction algorithm developed for the rackmount CEDAR Duo™ DDH Auto Dehisser and the Auto Dehiss process already available on CEDAR Cambridge, NR-5 marries our best signal processing with numerous facilities that help you to achieve the best possible results. It will work equally well with or without a noise fingerprint, and an array of tools allow you to manipulate the noise identification and reduction profiles in ways that are unique to CEDAR's flagship products. It's this power and flexibility that makes NR-5 ideal for use in the most demanding CD mastering, film soundtrack restoration, post-production and audio forensic environments.

Although capable of acting like a conventional parametric equaliser, the Noise Free EQ™ in NR-5 is a also unique CEDAR development: a mastering quality EQ that acts only upon that part of the signal identified as genuine signal. This allows users to restore the brightness and warmth of the wanted audio without reintroducing unwanted noise.

NR-5 is free to all owners of NR-4 who purchased prior to September 2006, and it is fully compatible with all versions of CEDAR Cambridge hardware.

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