CEDAR Audio launches a major upgrade for its flagship noise reduction module: NR-3 v2

CEDAR for Windows NR-3 v2.0

12 March 1999

As part of its continuing strategy of audio restoration research, CEDAR is pleased to announce version 2 of its flagship NR-3 Noise Reduction process. This is a significant upgrade that introduces a number of features never before seen on any audio restoration system. These include:

  • an improved NRC capture algorithm that rejects low amplitude genuine signals that exist in the presence of noise. This is particularly useful when noise measurements would otherwise be polluted by decaying tones or reverb tails, and in many cases results in significantly improved noise reduction.
  • three user-selectable signal models (the original NR-3 had only one). These offer far more flexibility to determine the amount of noise reduction applied and the overall effect on the signal. This often allows users to remove even more noise without introducing unwanted side-effects.
  • two entirely independent noise reduction set-ups. Users can switch between these whenever desired and, while one set-up is active, can load a new set-up into the other, thus making it possible to process an extended series of different scenes in real-time. This is ideal for remastering film soundtracks.
  • a unique morphing feature that allows you to move smoothly between the two set-ups, with CEDAR interpolating every parameter in the interim stages. This makes it possible - for the first time - to address problems where the noise characteristic gradually changes during the course of the material being restored.
  • a much improved user interface that offers greater flexibility to process any given piece of material in a variety of ways.

Managing Director, Gordon Reid, says of the new system, "For many years CEDAR has enjoyed its reputation as the leading developer of audio restoration systems. This is no accident. Through a on-going programme of fundamental research - both here and within Cambridge University - and through careful implementation of these new signal processing techniques, we have continued to push back the boundaries in our field. Two years ago NR-3 was a perfect example of this - a noise reduction system that removed more noise with fewer compromises than ever before. Today, the launch of NR-3 v2 is further proof that CEDAR's single-minded focus and devotion to audio restoration technologies benefits everybody involved in top quality noise reduction. The new features - in particular the new multi-scene capability and the stunning new morphing - introduce facilities that have never before been available, and NR-3 v2 combines the best noise reduction algorithms with the most powerful user-interface ever developed."

NR-3 v2 is part of the new CEDAR for Windows 2 system. Existing users of NR-3 can contact CEDAR Audio or their local dealers to apply for a free upgrade.

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