CEDAR for Windows is installed in a Norwegian forensic laboratory

Norway Police

8 February 2000

The Oslo Police Department of the Norwegian Police has become the first forensic audio laboratory in Norway to install a CEDAR for Windows System. Supplied by CEDAR's Norwegian dealer, Benum A/S, the System includes real-time Declick, NR-3 noise reduction and spectral analyser modules, and will be located in the Police Audio Laboratory in Oslo.

Mr Egil Eide of Benum comments, "We are delighted that the Oslo Police Department chose to purchase a CEDAR for Windows System. NR-3 is a very powerful process, and it is ideal for the noisy recordings that they have to work with."

CEDAR for Windows is a suite of processes that includes Declick, Decrackle, Dehiss, NR-3 Noise Reduction, Phase Correction, Buzz & Hum Removal, D/EQ Dynamics & IIR Equalisation, and a Spectral Analyser.

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