CEDAR introduces multi-channel audio restoration for SADiE


28 October 2004 - 117th AES Convention, San Francisco

CEDAR Audio and SADiE are delighted to announce the release of a complete suite of multi-channel restoration tools for the latest SADiE5 and H64 workstations.

Capable of processing up to 64 channels simultaneously, the new incarnations of CEDAR declick, decrackle, and dethump offer huge benefits for users working with multi-channel material in areas such as multi-track remastering, surround, post, and film soundtrack restoration. Just use the mouse to select the tracks that you want to process and restoration is performed on all of them, many times faster than real-time. What's more, there are no compromises in the quality of processing and the final output -­ CEDAR's uniquely high standards are maintained throughout.

To complement this, the new CEDAR DeNoise also offers up to 64-channel capabilities (depending upon the processing power available) allowing users to remove copious amounts of noise from multiple channels, monitoring them all in real-time if desired.

These processes are offered alongside the latest multi-channel CEDAR Retouch™ v3, which is a huge leap forward for the Retouch™ technology first introduced on SADiE in 2002.

CEDAR Retouch™ has patents pending in the USA and elsewhere.

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