LipSync Post turn to the the "supreme capabilities of the CEDAR DNS1000"

CEDAR DNS1000 used on Good

23 June 2008

From Audio Media magazine, June 2008:

Paul Cotterell (The Bourne Ultimatum, Stardust) at LipSync Post has helped to bring CP Taylor's stage production of Good to cinema audiences, attempting to capture the sound of "everything coming to life... a jubilant time... a sense of construction and improvement". To do so, he turned to the "supreme capabilities of the CEDAR DNS1000".

"We use a lot of the EQs and a gentle expander on the DFC, but the CEDAR DNS1000 can tighten up the reverb - you can subtly reduce unwanted reverberation. If you have a constant mask of a noise, it will generally sit on it really well and not attack the dialogue in any way, if used subtly. That was part of this 'clean sound' - we wanted to be able to get quiet with the film where we needed to."

Note: The CEDAR DNS1000 was replaced in December 2007 by the DNS1500, which offers enhanced facilities including 96kHz compatibility and improved noise suppression for 2-channel material.

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