The CEDAR DNS One makes an impact in Bulgaria

Michel Dichev, Leon Audio, Bulgaria

21 July 2011

Bulgarian audio post production facility Leon Audio has purchased a CEDAR DNS One dialogue noise suppressor for use on many of the country's leading films and TV series. Owned and managed by one of the country's most renowned sound editors, Mihail Dichev, the studio has been instrumental in producing some of the most successful Bulgarian feature films of recent years, including, which was released in April 2011. Current projects that utilise the CEDAR DNS One include the series Undercover, which is being produced for Bulgarian National Television. Vanya Georgieva of Leon Audio says, "We would also like to emphasise that, without the CEDAR DNS One, the work on the TV series Undercover would have been almost inconceivable due to the short deadlines. It actually turned out to be a priceless tool for handling deadlines."

The latest feature film in production at Leon Audio is the comedy Shmenti Kapeli.

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