ITN installs a second CEDAR DNS1000

ITN collage

25 January 2006

ITN installed its first CEDAR DNS1000 in 2001 to clean up the results of the General Election coverage which was presented live from the Atrium in its headquarters in Gray's Inn Road, London. The DNS1000 removed various unwanted sounds including cooling fan noise from banks of large LED screens, a plasma screen, lighting dimmers, and reverberation in the '3D virtual reality' suite. Similar sounds have now warranted the purchase of a second DNS1000, as Nick Ashton at ITN explains:

"We recently purchased another CEDAR DNS1000 to help improve the quality of sound from our studios. Though some studios are high specification with low noise and high isolation, contemporary set design and new technology conspire to impair the sound quality we can produce. Many hard surfaces and cooling fans from PCs, printers and projectors are the culprits. Some studios also have glass walls and high-noise air conditioning. The only option is to treat the studio output with the DNS1000. The performance of the unit is quite unique and all in real time with negligible latency, ideal for live transmission."

Background to the DNS1000 Dialogue Noise Suppressor

The DNS1000 Dynamic Noise Suppressor is a free-standing unit designed for audio post, live broadcast, and forensic audio. With virtually zero latency, its 40-bit multi-band processing is ideal for removing unwanted noise from location sound, sound effects and dialogue. It is a breakthrough in noise suppression, and will remove rumble, hiss, whistles, broadband noise, and the 'shot' noise that often makes live audio unacceptable.

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