All good things... CEDAR Series 2: 1994 - 2000

CEDAR Series 2 audio restoration module

22 June 2000

CEDAR Audio first developed its 2U rackmount restoration processors in 1992, beginning with the DC-1 De-Clicker and the CR-1 De-Crackler. Two years later, the Company upgraded the power and performance of these to create Series 2, which comprised improved DC-1s and CR-1s, plus the award-winning DH-1 De-Hisser and the AZ-1 Azimuth Corrector.

Since then, Series 2 has remained one of CEDAR's most popular ranges, and has established a client list that is as long as it is impressive:

  • INSTITUTIONAL OWNERS include The US Library of Congress, the National Library of Canada, the Australian NFSA, and the British Library National Sound Archive.
  • MUSIC INDUSTRY owners include Abbey Road Studios, BMG and Denon Columbia as prime examples.
  • Series 2s have also found their way deep into the FILM INDUSTRY, with Skywalker Sound, Warner Hollywood, Disney, and numerous post studios around the world.
  • Then there are the BROADCASTERS which include TV and radio stations as far apart as Russia, Indonesia, Egypt, and Botswana.
  • Series 2s are also widely used in FORENSIC AUDIO LABORATORIES around the world, and some have even found their way into the living rooms of high-end hi-fi enthusiasts.

They have been used on some of the highest profile restoration projects over recent years, such as Jon Astley's restorations of The Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions and Ted Kendall's restorations of the entire Goon Show archive. Indeed, Skywalker Sound used a pair of Series 2s for their restorations of The Star Wars Trilogy - three films that won numerous other awards world-wide, and whose soundtracks were all restored using DH-1 De-Hissers.

Unfortunately, some of the hardware components used in the Series 2s are no longer available, and we have reached the point where it is no longer practical to build any more units. Instead, we will retain the remaining component stock to ensure that we can support and repair existing products for years to come.

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