CEDAR introduces DNS One™ with Learn

7 April 2015

CAMBRIDGE, UK: CEDAR Audio Ltd is proud to announce a huge leap forward in dialogue noise suppression with the launch of the latest incarnation of DNS One, which will be supplied as part of the new CEDAR Studio 7 suite in 64-bit Pro Tools® AAX Native and 64-bit VST versions.

At first glance it appears to be identical with previous versions of DNS One, but the secret of the latest version is revealed by the LEARN button that has appeared to the left of the control panel. A further development of the groundbreaking algorithm contained within our award-winning DNS 8 Live dialogue noise suppressor, LEARN allows DNS One to calculate an adapting estimate of the background noise level and determine suitable noise attenuations at each frequency for optimum suppression.

LEARN is NOT a noise fingerprint as found in some spectral subtractive noise reduction systems, and you do NOT need to find a section of the audio that contains little or no wanted signal to take a noise measurement. Yes, you can use LEARN to take a snapshot of existing conditions and then fine-tune the parameters, but its real power lies in leaving it switched on so that it can adapt to changes in the background and surroundings. You might wonder whether this adds latency, or whether it risks eating into the wanted speech signal, but DNS One retains the zero latency it has always boasted, and LEARN not only adapts in a fraction of a second to changes, it differentiates between the wanted signal and the noise so that you obtain superb noise suppression at all times.

DNS One with LEARN - it's the next step forward in dialogue noise suppression.


DNS One is available for Pro Tools AAX Native and VST 2.4.

Host systems:

• Mac: OS X 10.7 onward
• PC: Windows 7 onward


• Pro Tools 11 and 12: AAX Native 64-bit
• VST 2.4 64-bit


Noise is all around us: traffic, aircraft, the noise inside vehicles, air conditioning, wind, rain and other water noises, the noise from domestic appliances and even excessive reverberation. It annoys people, and it renders many recordings unusable. So noise suppression is used to clean up noisy dialogue for film production, suppress ambient noise for live TV and radio, revitalise sound effects libraries, and enhance speech for forensic audio investigation.

A modern standard for dialogue noise suppression, DNS One offers the same Academy Award winning noise suppression as its illustrious siblings the DNS1000, DNS1500, DNS2000 and DNS3000. It makes unusable interviews intelligible, saves huge costs in ADR, and has rescued dialogue for countless movies. In the words of one member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, DNS is "probably used on every major movie coming out of Hollywood", and can now be found in post studios and on virtually all dubbing stages worldwide. In February 2005, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honoured CEDAR's engineers with Academy Awards for the DNS1000 and services to the movie industry.

For further information:

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