David Springan-O'Rourke reviews the CEDAR DNS 2: "I used it once and bought it immediately - it is that good".

CX Magazine, October 2020, with CEDAR DNS 2.

26 October 2020

Canberra-base film and TV audio specialist David Springan-O'Rourke has reviewed the CEDAR DNS 2 dialogue noise suppressor in the October 2020 issue of CX Magazine.

He began by writing, "I became aware of CEDAR's DNS dialogue noise suppression product when I saw the eight channel DNS 8 in a trade magazine. I immediately thought it was an interesting bit of kit. I then spotted the DNS 2 on the web and had to try it out. I spoke with Australian distributors CDA Pro Audio, who sent me a demo unit. I used it once and bought it immediately - it is that good."

"In TV, regardless if it's a live interview on location or you're in the studio with some control over the setting, noise happens. There can be noisy kids, road noise, running water, or air conditioning, and they're all outside of your control. You can't keep saying 'stop, we have to redo that' unless you have a Hollywood-sized budget and the ability to put the whole environment into lockdown. Previously, there was no real way to achieve the results the DNS 2 gives me. With the DNS 2 I was instantly able to put it in-line with my kit and dial in the noise reduction. It was startlingly effective."

His review concluded, "If I can have a device in my kit that makes me look better on the day, it's worth it. It puts some distance between me and tricky situations. For example, only a week ago, I was working on a commercial shot in a working hospital, so there was no control over the environment at all. It was a classic 'bathroom cavern' type acoustic to work in, but the DNS 2 cleaned up the noise and reverb straight away; I didn't even have to think about it. Devices like the DNS 2 are time-savers, and save you from getting in people's faces, saying it sounds bad and we have to stop - you can just do the job. It sounds like self-interest, but if a device can simplify workflow and produce a better result, I'm very happy. It just makes everything easier for everyone."

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