CEDAR dialogue noise suppression in the operating theatre

The CEDAR DNS 8 Live in the operating theatre

20 March 2018

Stepping beyond post and broadcast, surveillance and audio forensics, CEDAR's dialogue noise suppression is used in many other areas in which it's critical that communications are clear and intelligible. One such installation is in the surgery department of the Eastern Maine Medical Centre in the USA.

In the Centre's Remote Surgery Theatre, there's a single doctor who manipulates the latest in medical robotics. Alongside this, a control room houses the support staff who assist with the complex systems involved in the operation. Unfortunately, the microphones in the theatre are located in the ceiling next to the air conditioning vents, which adds a lot of noise to the audio heard in the control room. Since it's vital that the doctor can be heard and understood with total accuracy, the Medical Centre invested in a CEDAR DNS 8 Live to eliminate the unwanted noise and ensure that the doctor's voice is clear and intelligible at all times.

Furthermore, it's critical that the audio signal path should not be broken in the event of a glitch or other problem, so this is where the DNS 8 Live's fail-safe audio bypass is needed. Implemented in the form of hardware relays that immediately connect the unit's inputs to its outputs if there's a power failure or other significant disruption, this ensures that the signal continues to pass so that the DNS 8 Live can be installed with confidence in critical paths such as this.

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