CEDAR Audio announces CEDAR Cambridge v5.1

CEDAR Cambridge v5.1

21 September 2008

CEDAR Cambridge is an industry standard installed in studios and forensic laboratories across the world, and CEDAR Audio is today pleased to announce the release of v5.1. This has been designed primarily to aid users in TV and film post production, although users in other fields ? such as audio forensics ? will find its improvements to be of interest.

Improved timecode reading and timecode generation

CEDAR Cambridge v5.1 now responds to ASIO positioning protocol derived from a suitable audio I/O card as well as to that provided by its own Timecode Automation Controller. In addition, the system now outputs timecode in a wide variety of LTC formats when replaying from the File Processor. This timecode can be existing timecode attached to a BWAV (BWF) file, or it can be newly generated by the File Processor itself.

Chase Mode

Playback from the File processor can now be sync'd to external timecode, and the system will chase external timecode sources, with vari-speed if required.

Variable speed playback

Existing audio files can be played back at speeds ranging form 10% to 1,000% of the real time, and the resulting audio is always correctly sample-rate converted to produce a high quality audio signal, rather then a grainy or aliased output of some alternatives.

General improvements

In addition to the above, CEDAR Cambridge v5.1 benefits from a subtle but significant graphical face-lift, with layout improvements in a number of modules. Furthermore, a new waveform display that represents signal amplitude as colour density (as well as conventionally) is extremely useful when user are closely zoomed into the waveform itself. Finally, there are significant improvements in the playback capabilities from the File Processor and Retouch.


Upgrades to CEDAR Cambridge v5.1 are immediately available for download, and this version will be the standard for all new systems shipped as of this date. Furthermore, the upgrade to v5.1 is, ?as always,? free of charge to owners of previous versions. Version 5.1 is also compatible with all existing CEDAR Cambridge and CEDAR Cambridge Server hardware provided that 1GB of RAM (or greater) is installed.

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