New CEDAR Cambridge Forensic Systems for audio surveillance, transcription, and terrorism countermeasures

CEDAR Forensic System

24 October 2003

CEDAR has been supplying computer-based noise reduction systems and rackmount processors to police forces and forensic investigation bureaux for more than a decade. In cooperation with many of these customers, the company continues to develop new tools and improved facilities, to the extent that CEDAR systems are now considered to be part of the standard armoury in these fields.

CEDAR's new, dedicated Forensic Systems are designed to be simple to use, but to offer the maximum power possible to overcome audio problems. All are fully configured by CEDAR, so it is necessary only to plug in the audio feeds and switch on for immediate use.

The Standard System

This incorporates four different types of adaptive filters, with Time Align software to maximise the benefits of the multi-channel subtractive filters, plus CEDAR's renowned 0.02Hz resolution Spectrum Analyser. There is also an Internal Sample Rate selector that allows users to optimise the processing bandwidth for the source recording, thus enabling greater filter lengths for improved frequency resolution and more precise noise removal.

The Expanded System

The Expanded System takes the Host System and adds modules from the full CEDAR Cambridge range, including NR-4™ broadband noise reduction, our DNS™ background noise suppression process, plus our popular Declickle™, Declip, and Debuzz modules. It also features CEDAR's Precision EQ, which offers multiple parametric EQ sections with the accuracy and repeatability required for scientific work.

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