CEDAR Cambridge v2.5 with Auto Dehiss and Declickle 2

9 September 2005

CEDAR Cambridge™ v2.5 is a significant upgrade from previous versions, offering two new restoration modules plus numerous upgrades to the core system and facilities. These include improvements to the pre/post operations, multiple levels of Undo and Redo within each module, and significant improvements to the operation of the Event Manager and Automations system.

Auto Dehiss™

In the past, digital dehissers that used no fingerprinting or noise reduction profiling were prone to side-effects known as twittering and glugging. On earlier CEDAR processes, it was often possible to avoid these sounds by careful use of the controls, but it has never been possible - until now - to remove broadband noise correctly with almost no user intervention. Today, Auto Dehiss embodies a more advanced algorithm than any previous dehisser. It offers significantly improved performance, and it has a unique Auto mode that enables the software to determine the broadband noise content, removing this without the introduction of unwanted side-effects or artefacts. (Nevertheless, for users that wish to exercise fine control over the noise reduction, we have retained a manual mode that allows you to control all parameters.)

Declickle 2™

The original Declickle™ algorithm was superb at removing clicks and crackle, but did not dig as deeply into the signal as some users wanted. So we developed Declickle 2™, which is able to detect and remove the grunge that lies deep within the signal, making it possible to clean audio that would otherwise have retained low-level crackle.

Availability and pricing

  • The core of CEDAR Cambridge™ v2.5 is available immediately, and is a free upgrade for all existing users.
  • Declickle 2™ is a free upgrade to all owners of the original Declickle™ module.
  • The retail price for Auto Dehiss is available on request.
  • A preferential upgrade path to Auto Dehiss™ is available for all owners of Dehiss-3. Details are available on request.

Dehiss-3™ remains available on CEDAR Cambridge™ v2.5 at a significantly reduced price. This gives owners two price/performance options when specifying the Dehiss function of their CEDAR Cambridge systems.

For further information:

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