CEDAR Dehiss is now available on AMS Neve's AudioFile SC

AMS AudioFile SC

27 May 2003

AMS Neve and CEDAR Audio have announced the availability of the CEDAR Dehiss process on the AudioFile SC hard disk editor. This brings the range of CEDAR processes for AudioFile to three: declick, decrackle and dehiss.

Dehiss is a sophisticated process that uses an enhanced version of spectral subtraction to identify and remove broadband noise from recordings. Users can manipulate the noise reduction parameters whilst auditioning, making Dehiss particularly versatile and suitable for cleaning up noisy location recordings or removing unwanted tape noise.

The AudioFile SC allows users to manipulate many aspects of Dehiss and audition the results in real-time. The system will process single events or, by tagging, whole tracks of sections of audio. The process requires no additional hardware to run on a SAM-equipped AudioFile SC.

Due to their extremely fast and simple implementation, all CEDAR processes work particularly well with the AudioFile. Once the user locates the cue or event that needs to be processed, the whole operation can be performed with just a single key press. Furthermore, processing takes place far quicker than real time - so the user can get on with editing.

The AudioFile FX key is used to gain access and to launch the processes. By allowing the user to tag events, the AudioFile implementation of CEDAR's processes allows multiple events to be restored in a single operation. The original unprocessed events are retained in the events list as muted events, ensuring that the original unprocessed sound is available at any time later in the workflow chain.

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