AMS Neve launches CEDAR auto declick and auto decrackle on the AudioFile SC


5 October 2002 - 113th AES Convention, Los Angeles

In September 2001, AMS Neve and CEDAR announced a collaboration to provide the world's best audio restoration and noise reduction processes on AMS Neve platforms. We are therefore delighted to announce that we have finished porting our award-winning auto declick and auto decrackle processes to the AudioFile SC, and that the new modules are immediately available.

Auto declick provides a fast, effective method of removing scratches and clicks from audio. It will process single events or, by tagging, whole tracks or sections of audio. By allowing the user to tag events, the AudioFile implementation of CEDAR's processes allows multiple events to be restored in a single operation. The process requires no additional hardware to run on a SAM-equipped AudioFile SC.

At the core of Auto decrackle lies CEDAR's unique 'Split & Recombine' process. This performs transparent restoration of even the most severely damaged material and, in addition to removing crackle, eliminates buzzes such as those caused by faulty wiring and electrical interference. It will also reduce the unpleasant effects of many types of distortion.

Due to their extremely fast and simple implementation, both processes work well with the AudioFile. Once the user locates the cue or event that needs to be processed, the whole operation is performed with just a single key press. The CEDAR processes will identify and remove the unwanted sounds automatically, and processing takes place quicker than real time - so the user can get on with editing.

For further information:

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