CEDAR Audio to co-present AES tutorial on audio forensics

AES 136th Convention in Berlin

21 April 2014


Dr Christopher Hicks, one of CEDAR Audio's Engineering Directors and a former Chairman of the UK Section of the AES, is to co-present a tutorial session on audio forensics at the forthcoming AES Conference in Berlin.

T2: Audio Forensics - What's It All About?

Saturday, April 26, 11:30 - 13:00


Eddy B Brixen, EBB-Consult, Smorum, Denmark
Dr Christopher Hicks, CEDAR Audio Limited, Cambridge, UK


Working with audio forensics is serious business. In extreme cases, matters of life and death can depend on the work of the forensics engineer. This tutorial will present the kind of work related to the field and will cover issues as diverse as -

  • Acoustics: audio analysis as part of the crime scene investigation
  • Voice recognition: who was speaking?
  • Electro-acoustics: checking data on tapes, discs or other data storage media
  • Authentication: is this recording an original or a copy?
  • Building acoustics and psycho acoustics: who could hear what?

However, the most important everyday work of the audio forensic engineer is cleaning audio recordings and providing transcriptions. In this tutorial state-of-the-art sound cleaning will be demonstrated.

This session will be presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Audio Forensics.

For further information:

136th AES Convention
26 - 29 April 2014, Estrel Convention Centre, Berlin
w: The Audio Engineering Society

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