Dialogue mixing for the award-winning movie Adverse using CEDAR Studio DNS One

Dominic Castro working on Adverse

2 September 2020

 CEDAR Studio 8

Derived from the Academy Award winning DNS1000 dialogue noise suppressor, CEDAR Studio DNS One is relied upon by film and TV sound mixers and post-production engineers worldwide. In this story, we highlight the use of DNS One on the production sound of the award-winning 2020 release Adverse, which stars Mickey Rourke, Sean Astin and Penelope Ann Miller. We spoke with Los Angeles based audio engineer Dominic Castro to learn more.

Dominic told us, "During the shoot for Adverse, there were quite a few very noisy environments with things like air conditioning noise, fridges and other equipment in restaurants, and noise from city life off-set."

"It's important to me to maintain the integrity and quality of the sound, and CEDAR DNS One was my noise reduction choice for the dialog bus and as well as some individual tracks. It's very smooth and transparent and it leaves dialog sounding natural, not gated and loaded with artifacts like I've found with other noise reduction plug-ins. Also, automation is huge for me during any mix, so being able to preview all of the automation parameters and punch to a selection is awesome. Now that I have a few S1s paired with a dock, I can flip the automation parameters to the faders for an even more hands on, detailed workflow."

He concluded, "Movies tell a story and, as a re-recording mixer, it's my job to combine all of the sound elements to achieve the director's vision and later to elicit emotional responses from the audience. Adverse is dialog-driven, so making sure that the dialog was clean, strong, and present was of the utmost importance. I could not have done that without CEDAR".

We would like to extend our thanks to Dominic for his insight and kind words.

About DNS One

If you work with film dialogue, the speed, flexibility, and ease of use of DNS One provides solutions to audio problems that you could not previously solve. It's the standard for multi-channel post-production in the film, video, and TV industries. It's also ideal for removing motor noise from recordings, for eliminating electrical interference, and for helping to clean up recordings suffering from unfavourable acoustics and poor microphone locations.

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