Adaptive Filter Pack v2
Unique Forensic audio capabilities for CEDAR Cambridge

CEDAR Adaptive filters v2

26 September 2006

As part of its upgrade to CEDAR Cambridge V3, and to take advantage of the power of the new CEDAR Cambridge 'Q' hardware, CEDAR Audio is pleased to announce a unique set of dual-band adaptive filters for its CEDAR Cambridge Forensic Systems.

Released in 2004, CEDAR's original adaptive filter pack was hailed as perhaps the most comprehensive and most effective set of single- and cross- channel adaptive filters available for audio forensic laboratories. By the end of 2005, installations included agencies active in law enforcement, security and counter-terrorism in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and many other countries worldwide.

Building upon this, Adaptive Filter Pack - v2 retains all the features of the original, but with two significant improvements that make each filter's capabilities unique to CEDAR. Firstly, each of the four filters has a 'live' bandwidth control that allows users in real-time to modify the filter bandwidth to best match that of the material being processed. This means that the filters can be optimally selective, and that longer filter lengths can be used when required; the practical result of which is improved intelligibility in the processed audio.

Alongside this, an unassuming button selects CEDAR's unique 'Out Of Band' capabilities, which allow the operator to retain the higher frequency content of the signal in a side-chain and add this back to the filtered audio to maximise the retention of fricatives and sibilants. When the bulk of the noise is in the lower frequency band (which is, in practice, much of the time) this can increase intelligibility considerably, allowing operatives and transcription experts to obtain the maximum possible information from the original audio.

The Adaptive Filter Pack - v2 has been tested by forensic experts from across the world, and has been given a unanimous "thumbs up" when compared with conventional, single-band adaptive filters. It is immediately available, and all existing owners of CEDAR's original adaptive filter pack have already been upgraded to the new version free of additional charge. Version 2 is fully compatible with all previous versions of CEDAR Cambridge hardware, but benefits from the increased power offered by the dual-core and quad-core Cambridge 'Q' Host Systems.

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