CEDAR appoints Acoustic Field Inc. in Japan

Jiro Kubo, Acoustic Field, Japan

8 July 2014


CEDAR is pleased to announce that it has appointed Acoustic Field Inc. to represent its products in Japan.

Jiro Kubo, owner of the company, has a long history of working with CEDAR, having been the Sales Manager responsible for the company's products in the 1990s when he worked for CEDAR's previous dealer, Timelord.

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Timelord", says Gordon Reid, CEDAR's Managing Director. "We're very sorry to see them leaving our field, and I would personally like to thank Hiroko Kuroki and all her staff for their dedication and commitment to CEDAR for the past 20 years. However, having known Kubo-san since the mid-90s, and having visited many of Tokyo's top broadcasters and studios with him at that time, I am delighted that we will again be working together to promote CEDAR in Japan."

Kubo replied, "Having worked with CEDAR Audio for many years while at Timelord, I have always admired their products, and I am very happy to be able to represent the world's best audio restoration technology in Japan again. We love CEDAR!"

About Acoustic Field:

Acoustic Field develops acoustic R&D systems for many well-known Japanese companies and universities. The company also supplies and supports high-end audio technology for broadcasting, recording studios, and post-production.

For further information:

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