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CEDAR Audio 30 years

24 January 2019

It was thirty years ago this week that Gordon Reid and signal processing expert Simon Godsill began the transformation of a promising university project into a company that would soon become part of the fabric of the pro-audio industry.

"At the time", says Reid, "the technology (which had been developed by Prof. Peter Rayner's Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory in Cambridge University) was owned by the British Library. I went to visit the Library in London, and they asked me what I thought of the prospects of a company based upon it. I replied that I thought it would definitely last for two weeks, and probably for two months, but that I could make no promises about it lasting for two years. Strangely, this seems to have been the right answer because they immediately offered me the opportunity to help develop the technology for commercial use and to open the doors of CEDAR Audio."

"Three decades later, the company has expanded almost unimaginably far beyond its original brief, which was to provide audio restoration solutions for sound archives and vintage recording enthusiasts. Today, CEDAR equipment is used worldwide by the most prestigious people working in post, live broadcasting and location sound, and the company boasts a string of plaudits including, of course, its Academy and Cinema Audio Society Awards. We also work closely with the most significant police and security forces around the world, helping them to extract meaning from severely contaminated audio. Wherever we go, we meet people who are doing remarkable things with CEDAR technology. It has been and continues to be an amazing ride."

"Thank you everybody."

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