The CEDAR Awards 2000 guidelines

The CEDAR Award 2000

4 April 2000

CEDAR Audio is pleased to announce the guidelines for submissions for the CEDAR Awards 2000, as follows:

  • Each applicant will be allowed to submit one nomination per category
  • For each nomination, recordings of both the original and CEDAR processed version must be submitted
  • Applicants must include details of which CEDAR products/processes were used
  • Where the applicant is a studio or record company, the name of the audio engineer must be submitted
  • CEDAR processing must have been carried in the twelve months prior to the closing date

The closing date for nominations for the CEDAR Awards 2000 is 30 June 2000. Judging will take place prior to the AES Convention in Los Angeles (22nd - 25th September) at which we will announce the winners.

For further information:

Clive Osborn, CEDAR Audio Limited, 9 Clifton Court, Cambridge, CB1 7BN, United Kingdom.
t: +44 1223 414117
f: +44 1223 414118