Audio Surveillance

CEDAR Trinity
For more than 20 years, CEDAR Audio has been assisting the law enforcement and intelligence communities in areas such as counter terrorism, drug enforcement, customs and border control and military intelligence, as well as air and marine accident investigation.

Some years ago, we noted an increasing use of the company's speech enhancement products in live surveillance, so we designed a dedicated noise reduction and live monitoring 'suitcase' system based upon our DNS (dialogue noise suppression) hardware.

But what our customers really needed was a system that offered all the tools needed for officers and agents engaged in this field - live monitoring of multiple feeds, more sophisticated speech enhancement, and the ability to record and review audio according to local jurisdictions. So we developed CEDAR Trinity 2, which combines long-term audio monitoring with powerful real-time speech enhancement, and recording with durations measured in years rather than days. Of course, it offers many additional functions, including multi-user access, event logs with user notes, exporting and archiving capabilities, file verification to ensure that no-one has tampered with the recordings... and more.

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Surveillance channel

While most CEDAR distributors and dealers have access to the company's full range of products, the following list of companies have specific expertise in the area of surveillance and security.

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