CEDAR Trinity - The Recorder

CEDAR Trinity 4

The heart of a CEDAR Trinity audio acquisition system is its Recorder. You will never see this; it runs as a Windows service which means that it is running in the background whenever the computer or server on which it is loaded is switched on and not asleep. The Recorder will automatically resume recording after a reboot or when you turn the computer on. In principle, it can record unlimited channels of audio as either individual tracks or stereo pairs. Recordings are stored as assets that contain the audio, events (text notes about the audio), and information that allows the audio to be displayed. The Recorder can be accessed from the Admin Program and multiple Satellites, either locally (on the same PC) or remotely (across a network).

Remote recorders

Remote Recorders are required when the user wants to place a Recorder near to the probes but monitor from a remote location. Often, the connection between the recording device and the monitoring position cannot be relied upon, and communication might only be available in short bursts. Provided that the connection is rapid enough, the Recorder at the monitoring station will be able to copy the remote audio in chunks and 'catch up' whenever a connection is made.