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CEDAR Studio Retouch™

CEDAR Studio Retouch

Nowadays, we take spectral editing for granted, but it's a relatively recent invention, first seen in 2002 when CEDAR patented the underlying technology and announced the first version of Retouch. It's not an exaggeration to say that it changed the mastering industry and, today, it's quite likely that you have access to some form of spectral editing manufactured under licence from CEDAR.

Unlike conventional tools, Retouch allows you to define the temporal and spectral content of the sound that you want to manipulate using the types of tools commonly found in photographic image manipulation software. Once identified, those sounds can be manipulated using any of the numerous modes at your disposal; Interpolation (to suppress or remove unwanted sounds seamlessly) as well as Copy, Patch, and Delete modes, a Volume mode that allows you to listen to just the marked sounds (or everything but the marked audio) plus powerful new Cleanse and Revert modes.

Read more about the Retouch modes here.

So why should you choose Retouch? It's because it still does the job better than anything else available, providing clinical and seamless repair of otherwise intractible problems without leaving behind (or, for that matter, introducing) unwanted artefacts. With its slick user interface and enhanced processing capabilities, Retouch stands alone as the spectral editor of choice for mastering studios, mix suites, post houses, forensic laboratories, and anyone else who needs to be able to identify, isolate and manipulate individual sounds within an audio file.

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