CEDAR for Pyramix 64

CEDAR for Pyramix 64

A new suite of processes for Merging Technologies' 64-bit Pyramix systems, CEDAR for Pyramix 64™ comprises advanced processes that allow you to eliminate a wide range of common problems and significantly improve the sound quality of your audio. Each CEDAR for Pyramix 64 process has been derived from our multi-award-winning CEDAR Studio 7™ and CEDAR Cambridge™ flagships, and provides unsurpassed results, quickly, and with the minimum of fuss and user intervention.


The six processes in CEDAR for Pyramix 64 significantly extend the capabilities of the original CEDAR for Pyramix suite but retain the family 'feel' so that existing users are immediately comfortable and productive with the new software.


CEDAR for Pyramix 64 is licensed using the latest revision of CEDAR's HSP-2 dongle. (Existing users with HSP-1 dongles or earlier HSP-2 dongles should contact support@cedaraudio.com for assistance.)


Users wishing to upgrade from the original CEDAR for Pyramix to CEDAR for Pyramix 64 should contact their local CEDAR or Merging Technologies dealer, or support@cedaraudio.com.

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For further details on each of the available modules, please click on the links below.

Auto declick  ·   Auto decrackle  ·   Auto dehiss  ·   Manual declick  ·   Dethump  ·   Retouch