CAM19: Power Normaliser 2

Normalising the perceived loudness

Power Normaliser 2

The Problem

You might expect that multiple tracks with the same peak amplitude would sound equally loud. However, the maximum peak level is a poor indicator of perceived loudness, and a piece of audio with a wide dynamic range will usually sound quieter than a piece of heavily compressed audio, even though the peak level of the two might be the same. Therefore, if you wish to set a track or segment to a desired perceived loudness, or normalise the perceived loudness of a group of tracks or segments, you should use Power Normalisation.

The solution

CEDAR's Power Normaliser 2 allows you to determine the power of a signal normalised to a user-defined value in the range -50dB to +20dB. Before normalising the power it is necessary to calculate the power of the existing audio, from which the process can determine the gain to be applied. There are numerous standards for this, and these can provide results that differ by many dBs from one another. CEDAR offers you a choice of seven standards.

Click here to see the seven power normalisation standards.

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