The Server Pack

The most powerful audio restoration system ever created

CEDAR Cambridge Server System

Have you ever wished that you could record audio onto a restoration system, generate and edit its embedded metadata while recording, while simultaneously processing numerous other files that exist elsewhere on your network? How about working in real-time on a particularly intractable piece of audio while the system processes a dozen other files in the background? Or maybe you currently work on another manufacturer's dedicated ingestion system, and you would like to access the power and quality of CEDAR from your own desktop without getting out of your chair or transferring files between computers...

CEDAR Cambridge Servers offer you all of this, and more.

Developed following extensive discussions with archivists, audio libraries, and post-production houses, a CEDAR Cambridge server system comprises four elements:

The CEDAR Cambridge CAM/SP Server Pack

CAM/SP provides the most efficient audio processing environment ever developed. Its capabilities fall into two principal areas:

The latest CEDAR Cambridge software core

CEDAR Cambridge Server is hosted by the latest CEDAR Cambridge software core, which includes an audio recorder with BEXT metadata editing, precise metering, M/S tools, sample rate conversion, a DC filter and more.

The Host System

The CAM/SP Server Pack is compatible with all CEDAR Cambridge systems, from the earliest dual-Xeon machines (with additional RAM) to the latest multi-core processors. This means that all owners can add server functionality to their systems if they wish.

Any combination of CEDAR Cambridge audio processes you desire

There is a growing family of CEDAR Cambridge processing modules. These are applicable in all areas of audio and all modules can be obtained and installed individually as required.

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